Flock Management

New arrivals settling in

As of Veterans Day, our new group of Katahdins are settling in quite well. They’ve learned their way around, and adapted to having a road nearby – the nearest road at their birth farm was at least 1/4 mile away from their pasture, and we don’t have them so far back, so traffic really took them a couple of days to get used to. ¬†After three weeks, they are apparently completely unfazed now by the parade of combines, cotton trucks, and cars that call this road home.

As the photo shows, they are also starting to get used to having a new batch of humans around. Over the last couple of weeks, their flight zone has steadily dropped from nearly 100 feet to more like twenty – or less with an appropriate bribe of food. That’s good, since we’ll need to move them soon into smaller quarters for the winter.