There’s so much to say about Soot, she’s a fantastic partner, brave, powerful, and precise in her movements. She has a gorgeous natural wide outrun. She has a presence with sheep that makes them pay attention to her. Her eye allows her to keep a good distance off even the flightiest of sheep to better control them. She’s always working with me, and has proven time and time again steady wins the race. She was my second open level dog I had the great fortune to purchase. Being a natural outrunner, and with her quiet nature, running her is so much fun. She’s taught me so much in just a few¬†years of our partnership.

Together, we’ve placed in multiple trials, in the 2017 trial year we are very excitedly moving up into Open level, which is considered by most to be the professional level.

(photo by C. Koval)
(photo by C. Koval)
(photo by C. Koval)
(photo by C. Boze)
(photo by N. Starkey)


Trial Accomplishments:

3rd Place in Open Ranch class at the 2017 GSDA Spring Trial

Reserve Open Ranch Champion at the 2016 Montpelier Sheep Dog Trial